The Day I was taking my Last Breath


I remember that day was just one of the usual kinds
I got up and did all the regular things
I looked at my face in the mirror and
I had smiled
Ya, I do it everyday
I remember when I got up
there was this strange nagging pain
near my tail bone to be precise
I thought it will go in some time
after all those days i was carrying a soul inside
these things are common
they happen and they pass
I was sitting in the sun and the pain grew sharp
so sharp that it was difficult to breath
so sharp that it was difficult to even move
it was scary
it was weird that i was hoping that it will still pass
i didn’t wanted my worst of fears to come true
i sat in the sun and then i just rolled down on the floor

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Chill ho Jaungi Ek Din

Chill ho Jaungi Ek Din
Chill ho jaungi ek din
Jab pehlu mein tum
betakkaluff waqt aur kuch
befikr pankh batore laaungi
Timeless zone ke kisi koney ke Coffeeshop mein

Tumhare addiction se rihaa hokar
Ek Table par Reserved ka Board lagaa kar
Tumhe Time ke bandh haatho se churaa laaungi…
sonali shetty