The Secret of Falling in Love with Your Own Self

Have you been in love?

Ofcourse who hasn’t .

And I need not even ask you this …but still I will…have you been in love with yourself.

Well if you find this approach completely narcissistic …let me tell you this if you haven’t been in love with your own self then you haven’t loved truly anything in this world.

Ya ! Love is not just a feeling like I have heard one of the person I thought knows all about love say time and again. Love is much more than just a feeling . Love is a relationship of acceptance of what we have denied exist within us . It is a tag of a relationship that we want to build on mutual respect of what we see and and what we believe.

Having said so How can we love anyone if we do not have any such relationship with our own self . If I don’t think I deserve the love of the person I want to love me because I have a big nose or  a big fat butt or I am not good enough in many ways I can think off…how can that person see the beauty in me or in my soul ….if i myself do not think i am lovable.

I have lived with so many fears and days of self hate during my school days.  I was constantly teased because of my voice which was unusually hoarse. I was very thin and very tall. I felt my nose was too big and too long .  And when my friends teased me a little bit i use to fall in self pity for hours and days and weeks and hated mostly everything about myself.

I prayed to god that to make me beautiful.

but during the self hate days i also realized that no one knew how miserable i was but me myself.

i one day looked at myself in the mirror and looked into my own eyes.  I felt pity for myself and I felt love for myself. I loved myself for all the suffering i have adhered . i knew if i don’t do anything of these voices in my head which tell me i am not worth it they will kill me soon or make me into that ugly image which does not have voice and wilts away in self pity.

I started talking to myself daily in the mirror. i threw many questions at myself and gave answers. Not only I gave answers I pretended to be very smart and confident. I kissed myself in the mirror and thought …. mmm not bad….if a day comes I will be able to pull it off….after all i never had a boyfriend 😉

Since my relationship with the mirror was very interactive …my fear of meeting new people and talking started to disappear as I had developed this habit to look straight into the eyes and talk that i didn’t had before. Thanks to the MIRROr Exercise.

I felt comfortable in my own skin. I was aware of how I sound and look while I talk.

Trust me …. the acceptance of who we are and loving that image that we are makes a hell of a difference. Try it ! Love your self ! Know Yourself! You will Never Regret!