They know a bad woman once they see her spirit
They meet her
Find her happy
Not hiding her feelings much
She speaks a lot
Speaks at the things they would secretly think but never openly speak
She likes her own self
She mostly is engrossed in self love
So they know
The Bad Woman
Once they Meet her

Pretending to be smart
she tries to help them out by weird suggestions
she thinks they are friendly
but the Bad Woman doesn’t know
they dont mix too much with women like her
they keep her at hands bay
the bad woman
ha! the bad woman is so naive
she thinks she is real good in everything
stupid oversmart over enthusiastic
trying to make the minds of their wives dirty
by talking to them about selfish things
Bad Woman

She has children
and just like her husband she is busy in her own life
why did she bring those poor kids up
if she wanted to wear a man’s shoes
what was she thinking
when she got married
who will tolerate a skunk like her
Bad Woman
She things she is so Good!
Ha! We care two hoots that she knows
a little something about everything
trying to cut in barge in in all coversation
what does she tries to prove everytime she walks in a room
One day someone will sort her out
Till then let her bask in this glory of self love
Bad Woman

Yours Sonali

Sonali Strange

PS . Very Sleepy . Its more than 2 in the morning…