Dreams of a Faceless Lover

There are days when from out of the blue

while i am half awake and half asleep

i see this man come in my dream

he does not have a face

no features

i try to find out who he is

but he is not anyone i know

he is an unknown man

he is sleeping with a woman already

he is just talking to her

when he sees me

he leaves her

and he moves towards me

i think why is he giving me so much of importance

he does not even know me

well may be that is the best part

my dreams don’t want to know him

if he knows who i am

he will not desire me

so he doesn’t know me

he likes me sitting there

and he comes to me

he does not even talk

he does not even touch me

he looks at me

he looks into my eyes

he is not judging me

he is just plain simple looking at me

no questions

no answers

no converstations

none that i can see in his eyes

i have never seen a man like him


after some time this woman

she comes and sits next to this man

he does not turn to her

i like that

he does not turn to her and he keeps staring at me

the woman goes away

we both are left alone

we touch each other

and we lie down

no questions asked

no answers given

we make love

plain simple love

the dream ends

i wake up

i try to tell myself i know him

i feel guilty of such thoughts coming to my mind

i am married

this is a sin

but the good thing is i don’t know this man

i feel less guilty

i feel more attracted to him

i close my eyes again

this man is smiling again

sitting on the same bed

he leaves the book that he is reading

and comes towards me

this time i see his face

but i have not seen him

who is he?

we make love again

i wake up

i start my day

i think about him all day

i try to sleep again

he doesn’t come

i start reading something and forming him in my mind

he will come tonight


i will ask him to come again

i like this man

but i will not name this dream love

i will call him “peace”

he makes my mind peaceful

i don’t need chaotic emotions

all i need is peace

this man is peace

i will dream of him tonight

because he will not ask me

he will desire me inspire of

everything around him

he will be with me

wait for me

and love me

without a word

a relationship

all men look

but a woman feels

guilty to even dream

i will dream without guilty

of this faceless man

i will give him face of my imagination

and nurture him

till eternity


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